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Our Mission

We collaborate to develop an individualized strategy for each student

Dynamic Tutoring Solutions builds a unique strategy for each student so they learn to compensate for their challenges. We teach skills and strategies to help students manage their learning challenges to not only improve their schoolwork but build confidence and independence.

We get to know our students as a whole, how they think, what their strengths are, what they struggle with, and what makes them laugh. To do this, we collaborate with the student’s entire support system including parents, teachers, and specialists.

Our team of specialists can support and grow with students through their schooling. We have specialists across all academic domains, spanning elementary through high school, and each brings expertise for different learning challenges.

We strive to work ourselves out of a job because our students are completing work independently, implementing strategies learned, and gaining autonomy. This takes time, but the goal is to no longer need us.

It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome.

Wick DeYoung

Meet the Founder

Wick DeYoung

Wick brings 20+ years of experience supporting students with learning challenges. He pursued a career in education due to his own challenges growing up with a learning disability. While he often lacked confidence growing up, he relied on the relationships he built with his learning specialists throughout school. His work with students mirrors the same strong relationships he built as a student. In his work, Wick helps students understand that everyone learns differently and that what can be perceived as one person’s weakness can be another person’s strength.

Wick holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Oregon and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. He resides in Lake Bluff, Illinois with his wife and their three sons.

Client Testimonials

"Wick started working with our son when he was in 7th grade. They worked together through my son’s senior year in high school. Over that time, my son grew from an insecure, dyslexic middle schooler to a hardworking and driven Middlebury student. However, more importantly, my son (and our family) gained a good friend in Wick."

"Dynamic Tutoring Solutions has all of the qualities that I look for in a professional who works with children and adolescents. They provide interventions with clear, measurable goals and best practice methods, combined with a natural ability to connect with kids. I have worked with many satisfied parents whose children have benefited from their expertise."

"Dynamic Tutoring Solutions has been critical in my son’s transition from 8th grade to high school. We have a two-household family so consistency between homes can be challenging. Our tutor has done a fantastic job navigating the situation while holding our son accountable. "

"Dynamic Tutoring Solutions provides an outstanding resource on the North Shore that few know about. DTS taught my son executive functioning strategies to be successful, and learned systems that worked for him. My son has become a more confident student due to his work at DTS. This is reflective across his classes."

"Wick is incredibly knowledgeable about learning differences and how to help students learn strategies to find success-both from first-hand experience and training in research based programs. I highly recommend Wick and his team."

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