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    My child already sees a learning specialist, therapist, etc. Do they still need tutoring?

    Most of our students see other specialists outside of tutoring. Tutors, neuropsychiatrists, therapists, schools, and teachers all work together to support students. Each plays a different role, and we can achieve greater success working together. This collaboration is a key driver of success for Dynamic Tutoring Solutions.

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    My child isn’t excited about tutoring. Should we still pursue it?

    Many students are not excited about working on their weaknesses; this is human nature. We focus on getting to know our students first, building a relationship, and identifying their strengths. Once this foundation is in place, we are able to work on confidence and skill building. It doesn’t take long before our students enjoy tutoring, and even look forward to it.

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    How often does tutoring happen?

    Consistency and building a routine are critical for success. We recommend most students meet with their tutor twice a week. Some students see their tutor more often than that. Schedules can be adjusted in time as students progress.

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    What if we are too busy for tutoring and can’t always make it?

    Tutoring is a commitment. This may mean prioritizing tutoring over other activities. That said, having balance is important for students so we always do our best to fit tutoring in alongside extracurriculars.

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    How long will it take to see results?

    All students are different so they progress at very different rates. We work with some students for the course of a school year and others for several years. The rate at which students progress depends on the cadence and frequency of tutoring, their commitment outside of tutoring, and their cognitive flexibility (or attitude), amongst other factors. We track students’ progress over time, but cannot reiterate enough that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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    Where does tutoring happen?

    Tutoring can take place in person or remote. There are benefits to each depending on the student. In person tutoring can occur at a student’s home, school or Dynamic Tutoring Solutions office (Lake Bluff or Northfield).

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    How much does tutoring cost?

    There are a range of tutors in the market today. Dynamic Tutoring Solutions is not on-demand tutoring to complete homework or prepare for a test. Specialized tutoring that supports the student as a whole is an investment and commitment.

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    What is an advocate?

    An advocate attends IEP/504 meetings with you as your ally, to ensure you understand the information being disseminated and offers advice and support as you work with the school and broader team to make critical decisions about your child’s education.

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