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Families go through exhaustive processes to determine if their child has a learning difference.

These processes involve complicated policies, new terminology, and numerous unfamiliar documents. At Dynamic Tutoring Solutions, we help parents navigate this process, and play a vital role going forward in helping families know their rights and get the services that will allow their children to succeed. We work as a team with parents and their other specialists to advocate for students within the school and at IEP and 504 meetings. We also consult with parents on school placement and recommend ways to support, and encourage, students at home.

Mother and son sitting with tutor

Some common questions during the process are:

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    What is an advocate?

    An advocate attends IEP/504 meetings with you as your ally, to ensure you understand the information being disseminated and offers advice and support as you work with the school and broader team to make critical decisions about your child’s education.

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    What happens after an evaluation?

    In our opinion, this is one of the most important steps since nothing happens from an evaluation unless you act on it. Understanding what to advocate for at the school and how to ensure accommodations are put in place, both at school and home, is critical to success. This is a team-based approach and evolves as the student progresses.

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    What are students entitled to at school after being diagnosed with a learning disability?

    What schools will provide to students once they are diagnosed with a challenge and have either a 504 or IEP varies by the public or private school. In general, schools will need to provide certain accommodations and modifications for students. There should also be a regular cadence of meetings to ensure that students are meeting the goals outlined in their learning plans.

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    How do I know if my child’s learning goals are being met?

    Grades on report cards will not tell the whole story. It is important to know the right questions to ask your child’s teachers to get an accurate picture of progress. Critical to this is also using terminology that shows your understanding of your child’s rights and the education process.

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